Susan Schneider, Ph.D. To Speak to Sacramento Auduibon Thursday Mar 18 on "Learning to Fight the Climate Crisis"


Susan Schneider, Ph.D., a member of San Joaquin Audubon, will address "Learning to Fight the Climate Crisis" this Thursday at 7pm for Sacramento Audubon. [Zoom meeting--link below]
Initially focused on renewable energy, Susan Schneider holds degrees in environmental and mechanical engineering and did an energy efficiency project for US Steel. After a stint in the Peace Corps, she obtained a PhD in psychology, specializing in reinforcement learning. Schneider's award-winning book for the public, The Science of Consequences, covers learning principles and their many applications, including sustainability. A lifelong environmental activist, Schneider was recently President of San Joaquin Audubon, and co-chairs the San Joaquin County Climate Action Coalition. She also recently joined the board of Idle-Free California. (No need to idle a vehicle more than 10 seconds!) Schneider coauthored two chapters in the upcoming Practitioner's Guide to Creating Successful Environmental Behavior Change, and has given numerous climate change talks and workshops. A Visiting Scholar at the University of the Pacific, Schneider is a consultant for Root Solutions, a Bay-area sustainability nonprofit.
Here is the link to Susan's presentation:

Alan England, Stockton
San Joaquin Audubon