Soggy Varied Thrush & White-throated Sparrow at Lodi Lake

Susan Schneider <susanschneider7@...>

Armed with umbrella and rain pants, I timed my arrival at LL this morning for a period of lighter rain, according to the radar.  Naturally, it got heavier right after I arrived instead, and stayed heavy throughout my visit.

Bird activity and vocalization was accordingly minimal, but I found a few highlights nonetheless:  At Pigs Lake, a small group of Golden-crowned Sparrows included a white-striped White-throated Sparrow.  Nearby, also foraging on the ground, was a male Varied Thrush.  Another highlight was the number of Fox Sparrows:  11.  Only one vocalized.

I crossed paths with about 8 people.  Only 1, other than myself, was wearing a mask.  Currently, our county has only 3 ICU beds available. 

Good birding,

Susan M. Schneider, PhD
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