Socially distant birding--Saturday

Jim Rowoth

I walked over to Angel Cruz Park this morning, hoping to find more activity than on previous visits, which have been later in the day. But nope, not much difference, other than the presence of a small noisy flock of Pine Siskins high in a redwood tree.

After lunch, I drove out to Woodbridge Road, with the goal of checking out yet another pond that is technically within the White Slough Wildlife Area—Pond 6. (I have checked out Ponds 5—off Walnut Grove Rd--and Pond 7—off Cotta Rd--in previous weeks). We’ve all passed it every time we visit Woodbridge Road. It is that long, narrow ditch and strip of trees on the north side, between the North Unit and the South Unit of the crane reserve. The former breeding facility for the Riparian Brush Rabbit was at the far north end of this area. It appears to be rarely visited, except for an occasional hunter. Parking is at the SW corner of this long, narrow complex—we’ve all seen the shot-up sign. The weeds are quite thick, but you can bushwhack your way in and find traces of vehicle tracks to follow along the west side.

Nothing outrageous or unexpected birdwise, but I had a couple of Bullock’s Orioles, some Western Kingbirds, a very spiffy Myrtle Warbler, plus five large, obvious nest platforms. Two of these were clearly occupied—one with an adult Red-tailed Hawk, another with one adult Great Horned Owl and one large, fluffy nestling.

I don’t expect to see anything noteworthy in my yard today, since one of my 5 neighbors across the fence has dismantled our shared, decrepit fence and will be replacing it over the next few days.

Jim Rowoth
Stockton, CA