SJ Audubon Zoom Program (Tues 11/9) Jim Rowoth “Birding Southern Ecuador During the Pandemic”


TUESDAY, November 9, 7:00 p.m.
Jim Rowoth
“Birding Southern Ecuador During the Pandemic”
In August, seven California birders headed to Ecuador for an 18-day adventure looking for southern Ecuador specialty birds. Led by John Sterling, three SJAS birders went along: Frances Oliver, Kurt Mize, and Jim Rowoth. Jim will take us along on this recent South American adventure.
(Flying from Quito to Cuenca, the group drove counter-clockwise, exploring both dry and wet cloud forests south to Loja and the Peruvian border and back to Loja, while also visiting alpine areas and inter-Andean valleys. From Loja, they flew back to Quito, then home to Sacramento. They stayed in a variety of lodges, encountered all types of weather, and observed well over 500 species of birds, from tinamous to puffbirds to bush-tyrants to chlorospinguses to saltators.
The avifauna of the Andes is fascinating in its variety. Species composition varies widely based on elevation, perhaps even more so than on latitude as in North America. In addition, there are many micro-biomes which are home to numerous range-restricted species of plants and animals.
Jim Rowoth has been a long-time active member of SJAS and world birder, especially since retirement at the end of 2014. He is a frequent field trip leader for SJAS, and has compiled the Stockton CBC for over 20 years. He also serves as eBird reviewer for San Joaquin Co., among other activities.
[Scenic southern Ecuador. Photo by Kurt Mize]
Alan England, Stockton