Scaly-breasted Munia


I had a Scaly Breasted Munia (in Sibley's 2nd Scaly Breasted Mannikin) at my feeder this afternoon. I am certain of the ID. I did not see it on the San Joaquin checklist, is this because it is introduced?

Jim Rowoth

As you said, Scaly-breasted Munia is introduced from Asia.  It has become quite common in many southern California parks and feeders.  It has been reported recently in eBird at a backyard feeder in Turlock (Stanislaus Co), so it is not too surprising to learn about your bird.   Personally,  the only time I have ever seen this species in San Joaquin Co., however, was on 29 Sept 2001 in weedy grasses along the Mokelumne River at the Woodbridge Wilderness Area.  I am not aware of any other sightings here since then.  It would be interesting to know what community you live in.  And of course, it'd be great if you, as the observer, would report this in eBird
( so we could keep track of this species' spread into the Central Valley.  
Jim Rowoth
Stockton, CA