Migrants at O'Connor Woods

David Yee


This morning while visiting family at O'Connor Woods retirement complex in Stockton (restricted access) there was some migrant activity.  Best were two Solitary Vireos.  One appeared to be the expected Cassin's, but the other appeared to be a Plumbeous.  I observed them next to each other on several occasions, and the Plumbeous type definitely appeared grayer both above and below.  I was able to get some poor photos which show little contrast between the gray head and mostly grayish back, and extensive gray on the flank and sides of the upper breast.  The Cassin's is surely a Spring migrant, but it would be much too early for a vagrant Plumbeous.  If truly a Plumbeous, a wintering bird would probably be more likely.  

Also present were brightly colored individual Black-th Gray Warbler and Chipping Sparrow. 

David Yee