Lodi Lake this morning

Jim Rowoth


I rolled out of bed this morning with birding on my mind, but didn’t know where I was going—Lodi Lake or Oak Grove/Ripon—until I found myself headed north on Lower Sacramento Rd. (I’m curious about White Slough, but I’m reluctant to take my newly repaired Prius out that horrible road to check it out.) Anyway, Lodi Lake won out. It was a nice morning, but nothing unusual showed up. Jim Gain arrived about the same time as I did, so we birded together, maintaining proper distance. Best birds were multiple Wilson’s Warblers, Cassin’s and Warbling vireos. We lacked the variety reported by Pat yesterday, and that reported by Kurt M @ Laughlin Park and Susan S @ OG/Ripon this morning at those sites.

There were lots of people taking advantage of the great weather, mostly attempting to maintain social distance but very few wearing masks. The number of visitors was increasing dramatically as I left around 11:00.

Jim Rowoth
Stockton, CA