Lodi Lake

Pat Paternostro

I was joined by 8 socially distanced birders for a great walk through the LL nature area this morning. 
We enjoyed 56 species in all. 
Highlights included multiple singing Purple Finch, 2 calling Varied Thrush, 3 species of swallows and a SS Hawk chased out of a tree by a Merlin. 
Stay safe and don’t forget about SJ Audubon’s DIY trip to Woodbridge Rd. 
See the cranes and geese before they’re gone. 

Pat Croft

The lake is full. We did a short trip. Clouds are increasing as a storm is coming. Windy. Not many birds We saw some ring billed gulls, 2 california gulls, one cormorant, Acorn woodpeckers, 2 turkey vultures & so on. Stationary by the nature center. Dave