FRI.-SAT.-SUN., November 1-2-3— Lodi Sandhill Crane Festival


FRI.-SAT.-SUN., November 1-2-3— Lodi Sandhill Crane Festival


         A weekend of fun for the whole Family. General admission is FREE.  Please note that, due to the Lodi Sandhill Crane Festival, there will be no Introductory Birding Field Trip this month. You can sign up for one of the two trips (Saturday or Sunday) to Lodi Lake Wilderness Area thru the Lodi Sandhill Crane festival registration, pending space availability.  Many other field trips also available.

Speakers include Gary Ivey (“Nesting and FamilyLife of Greater Sandhill Cranes”) and Krista Roessingh (“Coastal Sandhill Cranes—At Home in the Rainforest”)   


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Alan England, Stockton