Flood & Waverly this afternoon


I went out to look for the longspurs (Lapland and Chestnut-collared) found there two days ago by Lucas & Mark Stephenson & Lucas Corneliussen. No luck finding them, though I did hear a call I was not familiar with but could not confidently call a longspur.

I did find a few interesting things, though. Near the east end of Flood Road I had over 200 Common Ravens! There were several large kettles in the air at the same time, plus many many birds on the ground, some in small to large groups and some spread out individually. I don't know if I've ever seen so many in one place at one time before.

I also had a Prairie Falcon, at least one Merlin and a Burrowing Owl.

I may go back Saturday afternoon to try for the longspurs again, Lapland would be a county bird and Chestnut-collared would be a lifer. So, if any of you SJ birders head out to look for them, or if you're just in the area birding for general purposes, please post a report, even if it's negative.

And, as always, happy birding, and may the light be with you,
Ralph Baker, Riverbank