Flood Road Longspurs


I haven't seen this reported on any listserv yet so I will post it. Yesterday Lucas Stephenson found two LAPLAND LONGSPURS and a CHESTNUT-COLLARED LONGSPUR on Flood Road. I do not have a more specific location than that, but I went out looking this afternoon. I ran into Pat Paternostro on Waverly Road, Pat told me that he had not seen any longspurs but did say that he had seen a huge flock of American Pipits, Horned Larks, sparrows, etc. I found the flock Pat was talking about about 1 mile south of Flood Road. I could not pick out any longspurs but heard a "rattle" type call when the flock flushed and flew over the road just before I left. I am not certain that it was a longspur, as I am not very familiar with their calls, but it sounded like one. I never did pick up the bird visually, however.

Also on Waverly Road this afternoon, just after I talked to Pat I saw a beautiful ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK just south of Flood and on the way back I saw an adult Bald Eagle flying east along Flood, it crossed over Waverly and flew off over the hills.

Ralph Baker, Riverbank