Eight Mile Road

Susan Schneider <susanschneider7@...>

I thought I'd check out West Eight Mile Road late this afternoon, and was surprised at the number of waterfowl in the flooded fields to the north of the road near its end.  I found well over 1000 Coot and nearly 1000 American Wigeon (ballpark), along with good numbers of Ruddy Ducks, other duck species, some Sandhill Cranes, and seven White Pelicans.  Many Tundra Swans and Snow and Greater White-fronted Geese flew over, and many of the swans were also in a flooded field along the levee road, beyond the north gate ending the public access. Be warned that there are only a few pull-offs for the flooded area near the end of the road, and traffic does zip by.

Good birding,

Susan M. Schneider, PhD
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