e bird big day

Pat Croft

Our first area to bird was Cord Road. Very dry. Northing unusual. Lincoln, savannah & white crown sparrows, house finches, lesser goldfinches. Western meadowlarks, Redwing & brewers blackbirds. & so on

second area was Gerardot Stables about 9:20am. 2 pond all dry. Decreased water volume in the big pond. The big sighting was the phainopepla. Was quite cooperative. It was sitting in the top on one of tree lining the big pond. It flew around catching insects. The big pond had 3 american white pelicans, at least 10 double crested cormorants, an eared grebe, Ringed-necked ducks, gadwalls, ruddy ducks, american wigeons, mallards, Snowy & great egrets, great blue heron, one herring gull & so on.

Our last area was McIntyre Road. Was saw 12 turkey vultures eatig & waiting to eat a dead rabbit along the side of the road.There Was another 20 soaring. We saw at least 20 ravens soaring over the road.

The Day Use Park was busy so we did not bird that area. Dave & Pat