Day Use Park Open

Pat Croft

The weather was nice. We visited the Day Use Park & Gerodot Stables. Highlights at the Day Use Park. A soaring Golden eagle that was attacked by a smaller buteo species. We saw 3 osprey, 1 swainson’s hawk, one red tailed hawk, 1 red shouldered hawk & 1 coopers hawk. Also one female common merganser. 4 american white pelicans, 4 kesterals Not many people. Mostly people fishing. 1 ranger that was disinfecting the picnic tables & benches. Gerodot’s just the 2 of us. Highlight was one tri-colored black bird, 5 yellow headed black birds, 2 female grackles. 1 forester tern. A pied billed grebe with 4 fledged young. Pat & I took advantaged of the cooler weather. It was too hot the last 4 days to travel anywhere to bird except for yard birding.