Clay-colored Sparrow along Buck Rd east of Lodi

David Yee


This morning a Clay-colored Sparrow was found amongst the vineyards along N Buck Rd east of Lodi and north of the small community of Victor.  Buck is a short road off of Acampo Rd, east of Hwy 99.  It is about 5 miles east of Hwy 99 and the first road that goes south after Bruella.  The bird was present along a 200 yards stretch between the residence on the west side of Buck and  Orchard Road.  It was initially up on the power lines near the residence on the west side of the road in the company of many other birds including Lark and Savannah Sparrows and House Finches.  It then flew down to the side of the road on the east side and spent a lot of time foraging along the edge of the vineyards and then well into the vineyards with the other sparrows.  It became extremely difficult to keep track of once it started foraging well into the vineyard.  Chipping Sparrows have wintered in these vineyards from Woodbridge Rd to Acampo Rd for many years.  They're nearly always present, but finding them can be challenging unless they're close to the roads.  They usually hang out with other birds, so I would assume the Clay-colored would do the same.  

There were many Red-tailed Hawks in the immediate area, including a striking adult light morph Harlan's as well as a juv dark morph Harlan's.

Good birding,
David Yee