Birding Glasscock Rd & Tower Park Marina Resort

Pat Croft

Westgate landing is closed but Glasscock Road is not. The highlight 6 swainson’s hawks soaring above a farmer plowing his field. We saw about 20 to 25 cliff swallows collecting mud in a ditch for nest building. Birding Tower Park Marina Resort. There is a person at the gate. He let us in when we said we wanted to go bird watching. He said do not go into the park. We stuck to Potato Road. The big highlight was seeing a hairy woodpecker in plain sight on large bare branch. It’s larger size gave it away. It had a long bill. Large white stripe down it’s back. It was an adult pacific. Hardly no ladder back. Unmarked white outer tail feathers. We saw 7 male western tanagers taking turns eating fruit from a tree that is right on the edge of the road. We also saw a vaux a swift. There are a lot of nesting Crows, Eurasian collard doves, Starlings, Barn Swallows, house sparrows & Cliff Swallows.
We saw a white throated swift at flag city.
Another bonus with the Mokelumne River Bridge closed no traffic west of Highway 5. A Cal trans worker asked if we going as far as the bridge. I said no & he let is go on. Dave