Baltimore Oriole and Probable Grey-cheeked Thrush at Lodi Lake

David Yee


Migrant activity in the Nature Area at Lodi Lake was quite high this morning, highlighted by an imm male Baltimore Oriole and a probable Grey-cheeked Thrush.  The oriole was actively feeding and flying around Pigs Lake.  It was with another oriole that I never observed well, but in talking to Jim Rowoth was probably an imm Bullock's.  Both were very vocal.  

The thrush was extremely uncooperative.  It was found just east of the connecting path that joins the paved and dirt trails.  It was in the brambles/trees across from marker 5 on the paved trail.  It was initially observed rather high in an oak eating grapes and then it flew down low into the blackberry brambles and was observed briefly on the ground.  While it was up in the tree a Swainson's Thrush was actively calling in the bramble, and when the bird flew down into the bramble it went close to the calling Swainson's.  I never was able to see the Swainson's after 30 min of searching for the Grey-cheeked even though it was calling regularly, showing how hard it is to see these thrushes once they're in the thick understory.  I saw the thrush late in the morning, and that could have also contributed to the difficulty in re-finding it.  I would suggest an early morning try if going for it.  Hopefully it will be calling if still around.  

David Yee