Apparent Glossy Ibis Woodbridge Rd

David Yee


This morning there was an apparent adult Glossy Ibis in the flooded rice fields on Woodbridge Rd west of the crane reserve.  It was mixed in with about 75+ White-faced close to the road and observed for about 5 min before the entire flock flew off to the nw.  I was with a group but unfortunately I was the only one to get views through a scope.  The distance and lighting were good, but the bird spent most of its time actively feeding with its head down in the rice, so good long looks at the face were never made.  And unfortunately no photos, so not sure how to rule out a hybrid.  The fleeting looks appeared to show an all dark eye and pure blue lines on a dark face.  Hopefully it will stick around.

David Yee


I once thought I saw one on Desmond Road at Cosumnes River Preserve. I didn't get a pic, it's a rare sighting, and I am not a highly skilled birder, so we'll never know. In your case I'm inclined to take your word for it.


I went out there for a couple of hours this evening. I saw four ibis in the first two rice paddies on the south side of the road but they were all White-faced. As I was driving the road the second time I had a flock of about 40 ibis fly by but they never landed.

My best birds were a male Northern Pintail in the ditch east of the entrance to Black Hole, a flyover American Bittern, a male House Finch that was the same shade of yellow as the Lesser Goldfinch sitting next to it on the fence (made me do a double take), three Lark Sparrows, the mostly white blackbird and at least two Blue Grosbeaks (there may have been as many as four). I had started out for Riverbank WTP to try for Daniel Gilman’s Redhead but I forgot what weekend this is and the park was full by the time I got there. They weren’t even allowing walk-ins.

Ralph Baker, Riverbank