Annual eBird update coming this month!

Jim Rowoth

As many of you know, eBird runs an annual taxonomic update in August each year, reflecting any name changes and splits or lumps.  This often results in a slight change in our individual statistics, and many of us bean-counters like to keep track of such things.  Last year, however, this update didn’t happen due to COVID, which makes this month’s update that much more exciting!  

Here’s a link to what to expect:  Bottom line is not to panic if your eBird is acting funny.  A lot of shoes have to drop before the process is complete, so be patient.  It should all shake out and get back to normal within a few weeks.  

Jim Rowoth
eBird reviewer for San Joaquin Co.

(I just snapped a photo of my current My eBIrd page on my iPhone and sent it to my email so I can compare it to my “new” page after the update.)

Jim Rowoth
Stockton, CA