Big announcement - Big Year!

Pat Paternostro

Greetings birders:

San Joaquin Audubon is pleased to announce that we plan to sponsor a county-wide Big Year for 2023.  This will be the first time this event has been officially held in the county since 2001.

We will have more details in upcoming announcements, but briefly we will have several different categories including (these are subject to change):



Resident (County)/SJAS member

Non-resident/non-SJAS member

There will be prizes given out in early 2024 for category winners, and I’ve heard of two trophies that need to see some sunlight again. 

We plan to have special Big Year trips throughout the year and will provide details on where to bird in the county (if you’re not familiar with our many great locations).  This is a great way to get to know this county!

If you cannot commit to birding the entire county, that’s ok.  Do a Big Year for your favorite SJ Co. park, hiking location or even your backyard.  Not only will this be lots of fun, but with the onset of eBird, we will be able to obtain great information about the number and distribution of birds throughout the county.

We will provide more information on how to sign up at our upcoming meetings and on our various social media pages. 

We hope you plan to join us for this fun event!