SJAS trip to Point Reyes

donna marciano

Yesterday, San Joaquin Audubon traveled to Point Reyes. We had 6 members join us, and we met more friends along the way too! It was foggy all day long, though it was a relief from the Valley heat. We were able to see the Buff breasted sandpiper, prairie & blackburian warbler and the clay colored sparrow, great day!!! tried to locate the ovenbird, but could not! So, should we stay and wait or leave onto our next adventure? Was it the ovenbird or buff breasted sandpiper? The sandpiper won out, we were on our way to abbotts lagoon. Maybe one of the highlights of the day was watching a coyote wade into abbotts lagoon to grab a dead pelican which river otters had been feeding on and watch the coyote struggle to drag the pelican ashore for dinner then to only be harassed by ravens. It was a good day for mammals overall, we had a large skunk, rabbits, elk, deer, elephant seals and sea lions!!
Wonderful day birding and I hope everyone had as much fun as I did!