SJ Audubon Hoot Owl for March/April is now available. (Link)


San Joaquin Audubon Society
Newsletter for March-April 2022

Dear Audubon Member:  

Your Hoot Owl for March and April  is now available at

In this edition of the Hoot Owl, you'll find information on:
  • Upcoming general meetings,
  • Field trips
  • Recent bird sightings
  • Special Articles
NOTE:  We have two remaining general meetings this year, both on Zoom.  We anticipate returning to regular in-person meetings this fall.

FIELD TRIP PROTOCOLS:  We're feeling safer as public activities begin to open up, but please:
  • Drive in separate vehicles to field trips;
  • Don't share equipment;
  • Masks are still recommended, but required if you're not vaccinated
  • Observe social distancing.
Alan England, Stockton