Birders ... come one, come all to a bird book giveaway bonanza!

David Yee

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Date: Sun, Jan 16, 2022, 10:08 AM
Subject: Birders ... come one, come all to a bird book giveaway bonanza!
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Dear birders from: Fresno Audubon Society ... where I cut my teeth in the Central Valley in the world of birding (I served as field trip chair as a high school senior) and conservation (as Chapter president while a CSU Fresno student), 
                              Tulare County Audubon ... where I have led many field trips and made presentations at monthly meetings, 
                              Kern Audubon ... when I was 24 years old, your chapter put up 1/3 of my travel money to help me fly back to Washington, D.C. in to present testimony on April 28, 1978 on behalf of 3 Audubon chapters to document 
                              the remarkable avian diversity at Mineral King (when that land was being touted as the best new Alpine ski destination by Disney Corp.), and 
                              Central Valley Bird Club (I hosted field trips down here in the Tulare Valley and spoke at some of your annual gatherings in Stockton),

After retiring in May, 2021 from College of the Sequoias (COS) after 31 years full-time teaching (Biology and Ecology), I have moved from a big 3-bedroom Visalia house to a one-bedroom apartment on the 22nd floor of a building in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood (a five-minute walk from my older daughter and my 4-year-old and 6-year-old grandchildren)!  It's an exciting new life chapter for me and my wife.

Because of the significant downsizing necessitated by this move I have 316 books (a personal library that has grown over 54 years since I began birding in Maryland at age 14) I’d like to get into the hands of appreciative bibliophiles (especially those who are serious birders).  This photo will give you a sense of what 316 books (174 of them are bird books) looks like.


I’ve categorized the books and will place them out on lab tables in one of the COS biology lab classrooms on January 22 and January 23 (see details with directions and times in the attached Word file).  Since I can only keep my most prized books, I am just giving away these 316 books to any interested takers.  Since most of these are bird books, I am letting birders from Audubon groups and the Central Valley Bird Club have first “grab” before I bring in college faculty/staff (from COS, CSU Fresno, CSU Bakersfield, and UC Merced) and students (who I suspect will more likely be interested in general natural history titles).  I will make ”leftover” titles available to the libraries at COS and CSU Fresno and whatever “orphans’ are left after that I will place in the AAUW book bin in Visalia’s In Shape gym foyer.    

Please see the attached Word file to get a sense of the broad categories of books (I beg the forbearance of any former librarian ... I did not adhere to anything like the Dewey Decimal System!) and how many titles I have available for-the -taking in each category.  There are field guides (China to Ecuador, Cuba to the Falkland Islands), "coffee table" photo books suitable for gifting and for inspiring young naturalists, and bird "finding" guides to everywhere from Ohio to Florida, Tennessee, and Southeast Arizona.  There is even a large format book entitled The Field Guide Art of Roger Tory Peterson: Western Birds signed by the originator of modern-day bird field guides.  My brother Keith (a bird  illustrator and writer I consider to be a peer of RTP) had Roger sign this copy years ago at a book signing where Peterson suddenly looked up from his signing duties after his wife reminded Roger about Keith's excellent work in a book about bird distribution called Checklist of North American Birds that Peterson used to develop all the range maps in his bird books.  Maybe one of the Audubon chapters will want to use this collector's edition as a fund-raising auction item or as a prize for an aspiring young birder or conservationist!

IMG_3007.jpg                      IMG_3006.jpg

I hope that John Greening will help to publicize this event among Tulare County Audubon Society members.  I hope Rachel Clark will do likewise with members of Fresno Audubon, and that Gary File will spread the word among friends in Kern Audubon.  David Yee has already graciously offered to contact members of the Central Valley Bird Club.  Thank you all and I invite you to spread the word among your birding friends.  Please feel free to contact me by email, phone or text (559) 799-7181 any day between now and next weekend if you have any questions or want more information.

In the meantime, enjoy these Spring-like January days.  Warm personal regards and good birding to you all, 

Rob Hansen