Black-headed Gull at Stockton WTP

David Yee


There is currently a first winter Black-headed Gull mixed in with the large (600+) Bonaparte's Gull flock at the Stockton WTP. There is also a first winter Franklin's Gull present. The birds were observed from outside of the main entrance gate off Hwy 4. The gull flock was sitting on the levees near the entrance when the birds were observed. However, they would regularly drop down into the water channel or move out to the middle of the large pond where they were about impossible to see.  Additionally, at least 10 Redheads were scoped out among a Canvasback flock. 

There hasn't been access into this portion of the complex for many years now.  But birding from the gate hasn't been discouraged.

Good Birding,
David Yee