Target bird Staten Island

Pat Croft <patndavid@...>

Pat & I went out to Staten Island this morning. We saw 2 of the target birds right off the bat. Cacklers & Pipits were in the first field by the silos. All the ducks were in a flooded field on the right side of the unpaved road. We saw canvasbacks & northern shovelers. We saw tundra swans on the left side of the paved road. There were cacklers everywhere. Huge flocks filled the sky. Other large flocks were in fields on both sides of the road. The greater white-fronted geese were in the flooded field by the unpaved road. There were 10 snow geese flying with flocks of cacklers. We saw Herring & california gulls feasting on dead birds. We saw the single redhead with the canvasbacks & Northern shovelers. Dave & Pat