Stockton Rural Cemetery

Jim Rowoth

I spent a pleasant morning at the old Stockton Rural Cemetery today, (eBird list  Not a great variety of species, but lots of individuals.  Early on, I had an apparent family group of three coyotes trot by me among the tombstones.  During the 3 hours I was there, I saw at least one about every half hour.  I‘ve seen singletons before, but never 3!

It is always a good idea to keep your eyes open for leaky spigots here, and this morning there were multiple leakers.  Given the overall dry, dry, dry conditions locally, these spigots attract a lot of birds and other wildlife.  Almost every one had some activity.  

I spent the entire morning look for Red-breasted Sapsucker, but didn’t see one until I was in my car driving out—in a pepper tree, as expected.  

Jim Rowoth

Jim Rowoth
Stockton, CA