Tree Swallow Roost today at Tracy.

Srini Raman

Couple of days back, Jim Rowth, Henery and I went to Kasson Rd area in Tracy to look for Tree Swallow roost. All of the corn field were harvested and we returned disappointed. Today I went to Tracy Sewage pond area looking for Tree Swallow  and I came across large number of Tree Swallow fling above the corn field. I decided to stop and watch. Jim Rowth was messaging me what to watch out for. Around 6:40PM, the tree swallows started swoping down and within few seconds the tree swallows all disappeared into the corn field. It was just spectacular to see the behavior. 

From Grand Line Rd take Mac Arthur Dr

You will see Tracy Sewage pond on your left

Keep going in Mac Arthur Dr

Take right on Canal Blvd

After Tom Paine Rd intersection, you will see corn field on the right

There are some trees between the road and the corn field, so find a spot (on Canal Blvd) which has good view of the corn field.