Tennesee Warbler and other stuff

Kurt Mize


Had my FOS Yellow-rumped Warbler at Laughlin Park this morning.  FOS Lincoln’s Sparrow yesterday. Other stuff today included two Pac Slope Flycatchers and a Wilson’s Warbler. At Baxter, I had another Yellow-rumped Warbler, a Warbling Vireo, a Black-throated Gray Warbler, and a Wilson’s Warbler. Also at Baxter, had the continuing Say’s Phoebe, and two flyovers of Sandhill Cranes totalling 76 birds. On my second pass through Laughlin Park later this morning, I was greatly surprised to find another TENNESEE WARBLER!  The bird had more yellow in the face than the bird at Lodi Lake, but was otherwise similar. It was foraging low in the oaks at the southwestern corner of the park. 

Good birding,


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