Sage Sparrow along Flood Rd

David Yee

Dear Birders:

Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms.

Very early this morning there was a singing "Sage" Sparrow along Flood Rd in Eastern SJ.  It was about .6 mi east of Escalon-Bellota Rd just east of the big orchard (walnuts?) on the north side of the road in a fairly big patch of various grasses and weeds that is distinctly different than the surrounding grasslands to the south.  Based on the song, location, habitat, and time of year, it appeared to be a Sagebrush Sparrow rather than a Bell's.  

It unfortunately was very uncooperative, and after about 2 minutes I could never again relocate it after about an hour of waiting.  There was a fair amount of migrant activity at this rather unseemly migrant location that included at least four Lazuli Buntings, a young male Hooded Oriole and two Wilson's Warblers, but all were on the move.  So the sparrow could have moved on with them.  

Good and Safe Birding,
David Yee