Birding highlights

Pat Croft

Today we went to Woodbridge West because Pat P saw 3 ringed necked pheasants. My wife wanted to see one. We saw one male. We also saw 4 male blue grosbeaks towards the end of the road. We also saw one male western tanager & a pacific slope flycatcher. We saw the 2 great horned owls on the nest near the south preserve. We also saw in the vicinity 3 bullocks orioles & one immature male hooded oriole.

Friday at Tower Park Marina Resort there were more western tanagers at their favorite fruit tree. I wish I knew what kind of fruit tree it is. The Bonham sisters e mailed us that the guard said next week they would have to wear masks. I do not why because there are not that many people walking around. The lady at the gate when we went just waved at us.

Thursday Birding the Lodi Lake Wilderness Area: We saw our first warbling vireo of the season. Also blue -gray gnatcatcher. We sat on the bench near Pigg Lake that overlooks the river. We watched Barn, Tree, Cliff & Northern Rough Winged swallows catching insects. We also watched about a dozen canada geese grazing. We were joined by 2 old friends & got to visit with them. They are not birders.