Ripon oak grove

John Harris

Hi all,
This is a belated post for yesterday's birding. I went over to Ripon Oak Grove in the morning, spending a couple hours walking along the narrow trails close to the river. There were lots of Black-headed Grosbeaks (I think I reported ten, but it seemed like they were everywhere), three Warbling Vireos, three Wilson's Warblers, one Yellow Warbler, one Pacific-sope Flycatcher, one Olive-sided Flycatcher, hordes of House Wrens, one Yellow-breasted Chat. In some ways, the best thing to me was hearing/seeing three Western Wood-pewees. There is something about that sound that makes me feel like my blood pressure is taking an immediate drop. Ahhhhhh! Years ago I made a 20 minute tape of sounds along a small creek on the east side of the Sierra, in Mono County. Most of it was the sound of running water punctuated by Pewee calls. I used to put that on my tape player in my office when I needed something for stress relief.
Afterward, I went over to lower Corral Hollow Road (the OHV area is closed, as previously posted), pulling over at a few places to check the riparian habitat. This was not as satisfying overall, in part because it was windy. There was a fair bit of traffic too. At a pullout about 2.2 miles up the road (before you get to Site 300) from highway 580, I heard a Greater Roadrunner call sequence. I spent about a half hour there and did not hear it again, nor did I see the bird. I think there have been other reports from that area.
John Harris