Lesser Black-backed Gull, Green-w Teal hybrid and Hummer hybrid

David Yee

Dear Birders:

On Sunday, Mar 22, at the Koster Rd quarry pit, the highlight gull for me was a first winter Lesser Black-backed Gull.  Separating out all of the many first winter gulls at this location is never easy, but this individual was quite small, about the same size as the many California Gulls which allowed it to stand out.    

On Monday, Mar 23, there was a male Eurasian Green-winged Teal (Common Teal) x Am Green-winged Teal apparent hybrid at the duck club at the west end of 8 Mile Rd (Empire Tract).  This bird looked like a pure Common Teal as the long white horizontal stripe along the base of the folded wings was very bold and the white vertical stripe near the breast of Am Green-winged Teal was very faint.  There were also three Blue-winged Teals presents (two males and a female).  Unfortunately there isn't any shoulder along 8 Mile Rd in this area and there's always quite a bit of fast moving traffic, so be careful when birding here.

On Mar 24 I thought a very early male Black-chinned Hummingbird was at our feeders.  However, better looks at the bird later in the day revealed it to have unusual placement of the purple gorget.  It was then noted that the gorget extended slightly at the rear corners and the lower edge of the gorget was scalloped, both features of an Anna's.  The vocalization of the hummer was intermediate between that of an Anna's and Black-chinned.  The bird is an apparent Anna's x Black-chinned hybrid, a combination known to occur.  

Stay Healthy,

David Yee