Ripon area yesterday and Garganey thoughts

Jim Rowoth

I ventured out to Ripon to check the sewage ponds there yesterday morning in a light drizzle. Lots of shorebirds, but I was unable to pull out any Pacific Golden-Plover from the many scores of Black-bellieds. I opted not to enter the adjacent forest there, instead drove over to Mavis Stouffer Park. Best bird here was a very vocal Cassin’s Vireo in trees along the river. After teasing me for a while, it flew in close and gave killer views.

After getting a sandwich (to go) at Togo’s, I decided I’d drive home by way of Caswell, then Koster Road. It didn’t happen. I got rear-ended at Moffatt & Austin in Manteca, two other cars involved. My Prius appears to have gotten the worst end of it, but no injuries.

Following up on my trip to Staten Island on Friday, in hopes of refinding Ben Stalheim’s Garganey (Thursday), I see now that the Garganey is again being reported back in Colusa County. That means that (a) they are two separate birds OR (b) it is indeed the same bird that for some reason decided to come to Staten Island for one day and then returned to Colusa—a duck’s version of Ferris Bueller’s day off.

Jim Rowoth

Jim Rowoth
Stockton, CA