White Slough trip with Jim Rowoth

Pat Paternostro

I am forwarding the following message on behalf of Jim Rowoth.  He is planning a trip out again tomorrow morning if anyone is interested   See details below  

I spent a delightful morning at White Slough Wildlife Area (not the sewage ponds) today—eBird list follows.  


I realize this is a site that many people avoid for various reasons—the road leading to the parking are is a true DISASTER (it takes me at least 5 minutes in my Prius to carefully navigate the 1/2 mile distance), plus the frightful amount of garbage along this road, and the sometimes presence of unsavory types there. However, the fisher folk and occasional walkers are pretty harmless, and the birding can be superb. In view of these factors, I will lead a “pick up” birding trip out there tomorrow morning for anyone interested. Meet at the Flag City McDonald’s a5 7:00. Expect to walk about 5 miles (level, some weeds), and to finish around noon. Bring water and sun screen. I did not detect any mosquitos and have found no ticks (so far). We should have the same species tomorrow as I had today. Depending on how many show up, we’ll car pool out there, preferably in high clearance vehicle(s). If some one(s) wish(es) to leave early, that can be arranged if we have multiple vehicles.  

So for any of you who have been reluctant to visit this site, this is a great opportunity to check it out safely.  

I collected a full cloth grocery bag of trash, so I am hoping we won’t see a whole lot along the trails.

Jim Rowoth