Laughlin Park

Kurt Mize


Visited this small park in North Stockton on Wednesday and again this morning. Highlights on Wednesday included two Red-breasted Nuthatches, a Sharp-shinned Hawk, a Townsend’s Warbler, and a Slate-colored Junco. Highlights today were a FOS (for me in Stockton) Brown Creeper. I think this is only the second (or possibly third) Brown Creeper I’ve found in this park in 33 years. I’m proud to say I heard the Creeper before I saw it, so my hearing aids weren’t a complete waste of money! It was also nice to see a Red-breasted Sapsucker seems to have made himself at home in the park. Red-breasted Nuthatches continue, and a flyover by a pair of Common Ravens is something I don’t see every day.

Good birding,


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