3 Things: 1) New Hoot Owl, 2) John Sterling Part II, 3) Annual Chapter Picnic


1) The May-June Chapter newsletter, the Hoot Owl, is available at: http://www.sanjoaquinaudubon.org/.../Hoot-Owl-May-Jun-21.pdf
2) Tuesday night May 11 at 7:00 pm is John Sterling's presentation, “Changes in Bird Distribution and Population in
the Central Valley over the last 80 Years-PART 2”
Notes in the Hoot Owl and below.
3) Don't miss the Annual Chapter Picnic Saturday, May 15. Notes in the Hoot Owl and below.
TUESDAY, May 11, 7:00 p.m.
John Sterling
“Changes in Bird Distribution and Population in
the Central Valley over the last 80 Years-PART 2”
For those of you who joined the Zoom program in April you will understand why we had to have a Part II, it was just not enough time to get through all of the birds and discussion. So, we decided to add a meeting in the month of May, which is traditionally a non-program meeting month, to finish this excellent presentation of
John's. If you missed Changes in Bird Distribution and Population in the Central Valley over the last 80 Years - Part I , you can view it before watching Part II. You will find Part I at this
link JohnSterlingPresentationMar2021.mp4
John will discuss the changes in our knowledge of bird distribution and population in the Central Valley since the publication of Grinnell and
Miller’s book on California birds in the 1940s. Loss of habitats, creation of new habitats, reduction of ranges, invasions of new species and other topics will be explored as we reconcile the fact that more species are detected now than prior to the book’s publication.
John has birded extensively in California and is an authority on the state’s avifauna. John has also traveled internationally as a guide and ornithologist for many institutions including projects as a Smithsonian ornithologist to Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, The Philippines, Sumatra, Canada and Russia. John currently has his own company, Sterling Wildlife Biology (www.sterlingbirds.com), specializing in international birding tours, birding classes, research and environmental consulting for The Nature Conservancy, National Audubon’s
International Alliance Program, CA Dept. of
Water Resources among other organizations.
Saturday, May 15
Join us for our General Membership Meeting and Picnic, this year we will be having elections to place a new president. We will do our monthly bird survey at 8:00 am and the picnic will start around 11:00 am. This will be our second sanctioned event since the pandemic. Although it will be outdoors, we will still want to socially distance ourselves and wear masks when appropriate. Please plan to bring your own food. If you want to bring food to share, please bring items which are individually wrapped. If the hatchery is open we will utilize the picnic tables there but plan to bring your own chairs to be sure we can remain a safe distance from each other. If the hatchery is still closed we will picnic in the northern-most parking lot (parking lot #3) which requires everyone to bring your own chairs so you will have somewhere to sit while eating and listening to the Board meeting. The actual survey itself, will begin at 8:00 am at the first parking lot (just inside the entrance). We will then drive to the location for the picnic and to conduct a few business items, including elections. Hope to see you there!
Alan England, Stockton