Oak Grove (Ripon) on Sunday anyone?

Jim Rowoth

I will be at Oak Grove (Ripon) tomorrow morning (2/27) at 8:00 if anyone would like to join me.  My visits are generally about 2.5 hours, and I hike about 2.5 miles.  In addition, I plan to check out the birds at the adjacent city WTP.  If there is interest, I may check out the western ponds by the golf course or Mavis Stouffer Park as well.  I generally stop for lunch in Ripon before heading back to Stockton.  I’ve also been known to stop and bird Park View Cemetery in Manteca on my way back north.  Of course, you can do as much of this as you wish!

I’ll be in the adjacent parking lot (S Stockton & Doak) at 8:00.  

FYI, here are two of my eBird lists for this location at this last year:

Jim Rowoth
Stockton, CA

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