Rose-br Grosbeak, Solitary Sandpiper and other birds

David Yee


Yesterday, Aug 10, there was an imm male Rose-breasted Grosbeak on private property east of Lodi.  It was in the company of a migrant flock of 6-7 Black-headeds.  There was also an imm Costa's Hummer at the feeders at Heritage Oak Winery.  Birders are welcome there during business hours of 11-5 daily. 

On Tues, Aug 9 there was a juv Solitary Sandpiper at the White Slough/Lodi WTP.  Unfortunately it took high to the air after being flushed by circling Swainson's Hawks and flew east out of sight.  Migrant shorebirds here often don't return when they do this.  Also present was at least one ad Short-b Dowitcher and 4 Lesser Yellowlegs (3 juvs, one adult).

On Sat, Aug 7 there were two female-type Greater Scaup at the Tracy WTP.  They were probably early migrants; there are very few Aug records for SJ.  Also present was a female-type Blue-w Teal; could have summered locally as they have nested there in the past.  

David Yee

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