Re: Apparent Glossy Ibis Woodbridge Rd


I went out there for a couple of hours this evening. I saw four ibis in the first two rice paddies on the south side of the road but they were all White-faced. As I was driving the road the second time I had a flock of about 40 ibis fly by but they never landed.

My best birds were a male Northern Pintail in the ditch east of the entrance to Black Hole, a flyover American Bittern, a male House Finch that was the same shade of yellow as the Lesser Goldfinch sitting next to it on the fence (made me do a double take), three Lark Sparrows, the mostly white blackbird and at least two Blue Grosbeaks (there may have been as many as four). I had started out for Riverbank WTP to try for Daniel Gilman’s Redhead but I forgot what weekend this is and the park was full by the time I got there. They weren’t even allowing walk-ins.

Ralph Baker, Riverbank 

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