Isenberg (and lost dog)--2nd attempt

Jim Rowoth

I was out on Woodbridge Road yesterday afternoon—Isenberg was pretty quiet with mainly ducks in the southern, most distant portions of the ponds.  The cranes are gone for the season.  I did, however, run into an always pleasant Pat Mahoney from Hayward (usually a fall sighting at the Lodi Crane Fest and CVBS).  My eBird list follows:

While Pat & I were visiting, Hank, one of the local farmers, stopped by.  He wanted to know if we’d seen his lost German shepherd.  It’d jumped out of his truck a couple of days ago, and he thought maybe a birder might have seen him or even picked him up.  No chip, no tags.  So, if any birder had a recent encounter with a friendly German shepherd out there, please respond to me off-list so I can put you in touch with Hank. 

Jim Rowoth

Jim Rowoth
Stockton, CA

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