Stockton Rural Cemetery

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This Stockton birding site is the current Audubon DIY focus.  Shortly after it opened at 8 this morning, Pat Paternostro and I both showed up, so we birded together (at an appropriate covid distance).  We were able to meet all but one of the DIY challenges on the San Joaquin Audubon website - at least 3 each of woodpecker, sparrow, finch, and raptor species.  No luck with finding 3 thrush/relative species, though - we couldn't even buy a robin!  Pat did find us one Western Bluebird, and we had several Ruby-crowned Kinglets, which were included with thrushes for this purpose.

Highlights included a Red-Breasted Sapsucker in a pepper tree on the south side, three Purple Finches, a singing Fox Sparrow up high in a tree, and over 50 Yellow-rumped Warblers - positive swarms of them.  We also happened upon a flock of over 20 vocalizing Pine Siskins, the largest group I've run across this irruption winter. 

Good birding,

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