Bear Creek Bike Trail this windy AM

Susan Schneider <susanschneider7@...>

I birded the section west of I-5, and found a bird new to me for that eBird hotspot (Faklis Park/Bear Creek Bike Trail):  California Towhee.  I see Donna found the first one there last year, congratulations. As soon as I mounted the levee, I spotted a Caspian Tern, and an Osprey at its usual spot near the end of the paved trail.  That Osprey has been quite reliable lately.  Unidentifiable goose skeins were flying in the distance.  Western Bluebirds were at the park's dog enclosure where I sometimes see them, and an American Pipit foraged along the trail nearby.  Unusually for this location, I watched flocks of Starlings heading north throughout; sometimes I don't see any of this species here. On a happier note, as I ended my hike, 8 Tree Swallows appeared out of nowhere.

Good birding,

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