Yellow-billed Loon and property issues


I also saw the YELLOW-BILLED LOON this afternoon, with several other birders. Just before I left the bird was moving upriver toward Westgate Landing Regional Park. At one point it was very close to the near shore so I and a few others started walking in that direction to try for better photos. The fellow who lives in the house on the bend north of Tower Marina told us that the levee is private property and that we were not supposed to be there. He said he had told someone the same thing yesterday. We asked if some of us could stay a bit longer and he said that would be OK but I think he may not be so accommodating in the future if large groups continue to look for the bird from the levee. One alternative would be to scope from Westgate Landing. When I left the bird was rounding the curve and may have been in view from the park.

On the way home I saw 36 Long-billed Curlew on the ball field at Escalon High School. I've seen Cattle Egrets there on several occasions in the past but never curlew.

Ralph Baker, Riverbank

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