“Life under the Fast Lane” a 20 year study of Purple Martins in the Sacramento Region.

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If anyone needs a Christmas gift for yourself, others, or young budding conservationists, the Central Valley Bird Club still has the Purple Martin book “Life Under the Fast Lane” available for purchase. All proceeds to go toward the Club’s student Research Scholarship Fund. 

Life Under the Fast Lane reports on 20 years of study and conservation efforts for the unique population of Western Purple Martins that nests in bridges in urban Sacramento. Purple Martins, a state Species of Special Concern, has declined throughout California. The Central Valley’s last population has persisted Sacramento but is rapidly declining.

The book presents detailed information the species’ history in the region, its ecology and current population status, and the dramatic recent decline due to pesticide and land use conflicts. It describes management actions and presents land use planning practices needed to avoid impacts from ever- present urban development projects.

Sidebar discussions describe behind-the-scenes stories about conducting martin research in an urban setting and address questions that are often posed about the population. The book will be interesting and useful to those concerned about conserving Sacramento’s Purple Martins, including environmentalists, birders, conservation biologists, land-use planners, and decision-makers.

Book order page: https://www.cvbirds.org

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