Fall Birding

Pat Croft <patndavid@...>

With the windy day we decided to visit Statin island & Woodbridge Road (West)

Statin Island: Watch for trucks as harvesting is till going on. There were thousands of cacklers flying around from the east side of the road to the west side. There was a tractor disturbing them with his plowing on the east side. There several hundred cranes. There is one small section on the east side of the paved road that was flooded. hundreds of ducks hunkered down together due to the wind. I was only able to ID few ducks that took flight. There was a glacaus-winged gull. We visited Statin Island about 9;30 AM.

Woodbridge Road. Watch for trucks. No cranes in the South Isenberg Preserve but lots of ducks hunkered down due to the wind. The South is completely flooded. The light being better I was able to ID several species of ducks. Like mallards, gadwalls, pintails, shovelers & so on. A rice field down by the entrance to the Black Hole is flooded. Hundreds of cranes are gathered there. Also 3 great egrets & one great blue heron. Hundreds of Brewers & Redwing blackbirds. There quite few tree swallows flying around the fields. Everything has been harvested almost all the way to the end of the road. We also saw 2 merlins, 2 kestrels, 6 red tailed hawks & 2 harriers.
The north Preserve was being mowed near the fence by the turnout. We visited Woodbridge Road about 11am. Dave & Pat

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