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k foley

I give, where is Baxter Park? I’ve never heard of it.

Thanks, Kasey

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Nothing was going on at Laughlin Park in north Stockton this morning, so I thought I’d check out Baxter Park. I’m glad I did. There was a small fallout of Neotropical migrants, including a Willow Flycatcher, a Cassin’s Vireo, two Warbling Vireos, two Yellow Warblers (a bright male and a drab female), and two Wilson’s Warblers. Although this is a relatively young park (~30 years) they had the foresight to plant a good number of Valley Oaks, which are getting to be good sized trees. With the oaks and its proximity to Pixley Creek, I expect this park to be a good spot to bird going forward. 

Good birding,

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Kasey Foley
Stockton, CA

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