Re: Calling all counters--Stockton CBC, Sun, Dec 15

Amy Carter


     Back in the Country. I have once again been drafted by David Fries to be part of his count team for the Stockton Bird Count. 

Amy Weiser 

On Dec 1, 2019, at 3:37 PM, Jim Rowoth <rowoth@...> wrote:

The Stockton CBC will be on Sun, Dec 15—two weeks from today.  I’m hoping we can catch a break in this stretch of actual winter weather on that date, but it’s certainly too far out to predict.

With that in mind, please let me know if you wish to participate in this, our longest running birding event here in San Joaquin Co, beginning in 1967.  Some of you may have already made arrangements with area leaders, but please let me know directly as well so I can have a clearer idea of how many counters we will be fielding that day.  

In particular, I’d really like to hear from those of you who have not yet made arrangements to participate.  The date is fixed in advance so people can make plans, which means the count occurs irrespective of weather conditions (barring something truly cataclysmic), and generally runs from sun up to sun down.  If you can only participate for half a day, let me know so we can work something out.  Also, feeder watchers who reside within the count circle are also welcome to participate; let me know if you wish to do this since the instructions are a bit different.  

I’m attaching a (poor) map of the count circle so you can see if you reside within its boundaries.  Essentially, it goes from Thornton at 12:00 on the circle down to the southern edge of Ringe Tract at 6:00, and from the middle of Bouldin Island (W of Tower Park marina) at 9:00 to Highway 99 & Kettleman in Lodi at 3:00.  Thus, most of Lodi is included, as are the outer fringes of Thornton and a good chunk of NW Stockton N of Swenson Park.

Jim Rowoth


Jim Rowoth
Stockton, CA

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