White Slough WTP Semi Sandpiper


I went up today to look for the sandpiper, and Jim Gain's Bank Swallow, because I thought I needed both for the county.

When I arrived at the ponds Liz West and Donald Pendleton were already there but had not seen either bird. They headed toward their cars and I started looking. I eventually found a good candidate and texted Liz, she and Donald were still in the birder parking area, and they came back. The bird that I was on flew before Liz and Donald got back to where I was but a few minutes later I found it again, or a different "good candidate" (I'm still not sure if the first one was the Semi or a short-billed Western). This one turned out to be the Semi. I never did see a Bank Swallow, though. The SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPER was still foraging in the SW pond.

I had been thinking about going to look for swallows at White Slough Wildlife Area after leaving the WTP and decided not to, but then I thought "Since I'm here..." and went after all. The gate was closed and I did not feel like walking in so I left and stopped at Bear Creek Bike Path instead. Not much there at 4:00 in 90 degree weather. So I went home. When I started updating my lists I found that I already had Semi Sandpiper for San Joaquin County! But it was a year bird, so not a totally wasted trip.

As always, happy birding, stay safe, stay SANE, and may the light be with you,
Ralph Baker, Riverbank

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