Saturday birding

Pat Croft

Right off the bat I want to thank Suga Moriwaki. We saw 3 hooded orioles near Park & Applewood near Peterson Park. This was about 11:15am today.

We tried to bird Stillman Magee Park. It was closed. Probably it reached it’s capacity of people. There were a lot of cars in the Parking Lot. We drove into the Day Use park of the Fish hatchery & drove right out. It was filled with people. All parking areas were full. The were no birds at the Clements Cemetery. I did not want to waste time getting a key from the Clements Fire Dept.

We did bird Mcintyre Road. The highlights were the 6 turkeys, one each osprey, red shouldered hawk & 2 swainson’s hawk. We birded Gerodot’s stables. The big surprise was the lack of canada geese & mallards. We saw one each of them. We saw 2 osprey, 2 each forster & caspian terns. 3 each great egrets & great blue herons. Of couse Peterson Park we saw 30 crows & the 3 hooded oriole near the park.

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