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From time to time, I get a murder of crows in my neighborhood, generally in the evening, but it’s certainly not every day and not particularly predictable and not recently.  They make quite a racket when one of them sights a raptor or just decides to sound off, when everyone chimes in.  (I think they like the sound of their voices.)  I’ve seen larger gatherings of crows in the trees at the Carson Oaks branch of the Bank of Stockton (corner of Ben Holt & Pacific), which is only a couple of blocks from here, so I assume they are the same birds.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they are the birds Susan reported here, but I’ll bet Pat’s are a different group.  I’m sure there are multiple gathering places.  

There is certainly more than one “Crows Landing” in the Central Valley.  I remember years ago when I used to help with the Sacramento CBC at Discovery Park with Waldo Holt, at the end of the day, there would be an apparent constant stream of crows flying north to south along the Sacramento River.  More recently but not in the CV, when visiting my sister in Oceanside, I’ve seen rivers of crows noislly passing over NW to SE.

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There were 40 or so in Peterson Park (Lodi) this morning.  Must be gathering up time?

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I went out (in NE Stockton) to enjoy the sunset, and 150 crows flew over my place, heading SW.  Wow.  Wonder where they're going.

Anyone else have spectacles like that recently?

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